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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I buy from Discount Gold & Silver Trading Co.?
Discount Gold & Silver Trading was founded on the principles of truth and honesty. With almost twenty years in business as a Christian company we believe in providing a quality product, quality service and most importantly competitive pricing. Our commitment to our valued customers is evident by keeping our overhead low and passing those savings onto our clients without jeopardizing product or service. As consumers we have been led astray that big means better. Everyday I am informed by new clients how so much of their hard earned money was spent unwisely by listening to the hard pressure sales people hired by the so called “big gold dealers”. These so called “big gold dealers” charge anywhere from 30, 40, 50 percent commission. Imagine how high spot gold must increase in order to break even and higher still before realizing profit.
Privacy is a valued commodity in itself. We do business the old fashioned way, all invoices and labels are hand typed. We value our privacy, as we value yours. For this reason you should never, ever, buy product from Ebay or the internet, no matter how safe they tell you it is.
How do I begin trading gold & silver?
First, call our toll free number 1 800 375 4188. We begin by learning your gold investment objectives. We want to make sure that you are getting the right product for the right performance. Coins placed in your portfolio will not be based on the highest commissions earned. Different types of gold products perform differently and are priced accordingly. Once we determine what product best suites your investment objectives, we will “lock in” your trade and issue you a trade confirmation number while awaiting your payment. Your price will not change with market fluctuations. Payment should be remitted immediately Discount Gold & Silver Trading, PO Box 276, Berlin, MD 21811.
What products are available?
We provide all forms of precious metals including gold, silver, platinum and palladium. Our inventory includes but not limited to the American Gold, Silver, Platinum Eagle and numismatic products including rare, investment and circulated coins. All numismatic gold coins are hermetically sealed and graded by the top three certification firms in the country, NGC, PCGS, ICG. Silver bars, rounds and 90% silver bags are on hand for the silver investor. Foreign gold is available with the exception of the Chinese Panda, by choice. Gold self-directed IRAs are available.
Which coins should I purchase?
Numismatic coins have the most profit potential but also deliver some unique benefits outside the bullion coins. The beautiful $20 Liberty and the Saint Gaudens should be purchased as a great way to distribute wealth. These gold coins were the only coins that were acceptable to own during the great gold confiscation of 1933.
Bullion coins are great for short term in and out investing. We believe that diversification is the key to any investment therefore both should be included in a portfolio.
Although we sell foreign gold and commemoratives, I believe these coins can be added to your portfolio only when there are no other choices. Foreign gold is not readily recognizable and maybe difficult to sell, trade or barter and raises questions of gold content, weight and value.
How can I be sure I am receiving a competitive price?
Discount Gold & Silver Trading will match or beat any legitimate price. For obvious reasons we do not sell at or below wholesale. Discount Gold & Silver deals with the two largest wholesalers in the country. The large gold dealers all work off the same wholesale prices. There are spreads involved in the buying and selling of precious metals and these spreads do change with the availability and demand of the products.
What type of payment is required?
Payment can be made by personal check, money order, cashiers check and bank wire. Discount Gold & Silver does not have a preference as long as payment is made promptly. We also accept major credit cards. However, all prices quoted are cash prices. We do not pass on bank charges for credit cards to those who do not use credit cards to pay for their purchase. Personal checks are held until cleared, usually 5-7 business days.
How is my product shipped?
Most gold packages are shipped registered and insured U.S. mail. Because of the weight of silver, most silver packages are shipped by UPS ground. However, shipping companies are always chosen at the discretion of Discount Gold & Silver Trading. If payment is made promptly, most packages will be shipped, and often received, within 10 working days.
Shipping charges are $40 on ALL orders.
Is there a minimum purchase requirement?
There is no minimum purchase to trade with D.G. & S. T. We appreciate all our customers and whether they purchase one coin or 1000 coins we treat each one with the same respect and reverence. D.G. & S.T. has numerous valued customers who acquire (1) 1/10oz Gold Eagle every other week. We also have valued clients who place several hundred thousand dollar orders periodically.
The prices enclosed are subject to change based on spot price of gold and silver, availability and volatility.
Shipping charges are $40 on ALL orders.
Governments Requirements
There is no restrictions to the ownership of gold. The only transactions that are reported to the government or ones of $10,000 or more in cash during a calendar year. Cash is defined as the green FRNs or multiples of cash and cashiers check as example. There is absolutely no reporting of transactions of any size if payments consists of personal check or bank wires.
Similar to buying gold is selling gold. Selling transactions occur in the same fashion except in reverse. You ship the product. Certain transactions are required the completion of 1099B IRS form, such as 24 or more ounces in a 24 hour time span. Products that fall under these rules include South African Krugerrands, Canadian Maple Leafs and Mexican gold Onzas. Gold Eagles are not specifically named but interpretation falls under the IRS.
It is your responsibility to report all profits and pay any taxes due to government.


If I am unsatisfied with my order, may I return the products for a full refund?
You may not return the products to us for a full refund. However, you may sell the products to us at the then prevailing market price. It will be your responsibility to ship the products to us, and you will be charged a $25 receiving fee per package.

Can I cancel my order?
Once we have issued a confirmation number, all prices are locked-in whether buying from us or selling to us. It is not our intention to enter into buying and/or selling transactions, accepting the risks involved only to have them cancelled. However, we realize rare situations happen where orders need to be cancelled. Should you elect to cancel and/or offset your order, you must do so during normal business hours of 8:00 – 4:00 eastern Monday – Friday. All cancellations are subject our market loss policy plus a $35.00 cancellation fee. Cancellations may only be approved over the telephone, at which time you will be given a cancellation number. At that time, if any market loss to Discount Gold & Silver Trading Co.(referred to DGST throughout) has occurred, it will be calculated and added to the $35.00 cancellation fee. If applicable, you may elect to pay any market loss by credit card at that time or, we will invoice you in which you will have thirty days to pay the amount due in full. No future orders may be permitted until any market loss is paid in full. Any market gain on cancellations shall remain the property of DGST.
Can I change my order after my order is confirmed?
No. Our system is automated which makes it EXTREMELY DIFFICULT and time consuming to modify an order after it has been confirmed. We suggest you take the time up from to make sure what you want is exactly what you order.
When ordering online, the price at which your order is submitted is the locked in price. Your confirmation number will be on the final order screen and in your return email. DGST reserves the right to refuse an order when the confirmed price is incorrect, due to computer-related problems, pricing error or sudden movements in the precious metals market. Furthermore, we reserve the right to refuse or cancel any order deemed questionable, suspicious or of significant risk to DGST regardless of payment method and price confirmation. You must ensure that your payment is dated within 24 hours and received by DGST within five business days on orders under $25,000 and three business days on orders more than $25,000 to guarantee your price. Providing us with your credit card information is required to lock in pricing all orders. You are responsible to cover any market losses (Our Market Loss Policy) should your order be cancelled.
Do you accept credit cards?
Yes. We do accept credit cards for payment. DGST recommends paying for smaller orders by credit card. Credit card orders exceeding $5,000 are accepted only by phone during normal business hours and may be subject to additional documentation and screening. All credit card orders are reviewed on an order by order basis. In addition, we will only ship to the credit card billing address. Please confirm that the ship to address is the same as the mailing address in your online account before placing credit card orders. We reserve the right to refuse any order deemed questionable or of significant risk to DGST regardless of payment method and price confirmation.
Do you accept ACH or online payments?
No, we do not accept ACH transactions. We do not accept online bill payments in check.
What happens if my payment isn't received within the applicable time period?
It's always best to send us your payment immediately to ensure DGST can honor the confirmed price. If payment is not received within three business days for orders, DGST reserves the right to either, accept your payment, refuse and cancel your order, or provide a fresh quote based on the market price at the time we received payment.
What happens if I don't send a check or follow up on my order after it has been confirmed?
Your order may be cancelled if we do not receive payment within the required time period. Also, your account may be closed and you may no longer be able to place trades with us. If a decline in the market price occurs, you will be liable for any market loss we incur for locking in and accepting your order. (Our Market Loss Policy) You will be charged the difference between your confirmed price and the market buy price when your order is officially cancelled. Any market gain on cancellations shall remain the property of DGST.
Do you ship internationally?
No. We currently only ship within the United States. Please check back with us in the future. If you would like to be notified in the future when we begin offering this service send us an email at discountgoldandsilver@yahoo.com.
All investments involve risk - coins and bullion are no exception. The value of a bullion coin (e.g., American Eagles or Canadian Maple Leafs) is affected by many economic factors, including the current market price of bullion the perceived scarcity of the coins and other factors. Some of these factors include the quality and current demand and general market sentiment.
Therefore, because both bullion and coins can go down as well as up in value, investing in them may not be suitable for everyone. Since all investments, including bullion and coins, can decline in value, you should understand them well, and have adequate cash reserves and disposable income before considering a bullion or coin investment.

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