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Listen to Financial Survival, one of the longest running gold and silver financial programs
on short-wave radio with Alfred Adask and Melody Cedarstrom.

Listen to 'Financial Survival' Live Toll Free Listener Call In: 1-800-932-1980
Financial Survival airs live Monday-Friday, 4pm Eastern
Shortwave WWCR Frequency 9.880
Shortwave WBCQ Frequency 7.490

Rebroadcasts of Financial Survival

3-4 PM Eastern WVOG 600 AM Metairie, Louisiana
5-6 PM Eastern KTAC 93.0 FM Spokane, Washington
8 PM Eastern WWCR 6.875 Shortwave
11 PM Eastern WWCR 3.215 Shortwave
11 PM Eastern WBCQ 7.415 Shortwave
10-11:30 PM Eastern KCKN 1020 AM Roswell, New Mexico

Satellite Info

Galaxy 19 Transponder 5 KU Band
Frequency 11836
Symbol Rate 20.765
(Left Feed): Global Star 3

Can also be heard:

  • American Voice Radio
  • First Amendment Radio

Wendy Wilson Apothecary Herbs can be listened to every Tuesday at 8pm Shortwave Frequency 3.195 WWCR.


Rick Vollrath Remnant Ministries can be listened to every Monday 5PM Eastern Shortwave Frequency 7.490

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12/6/11 5:26 PM
satellite info:
The Ku Band Satellite is Free To Air (FTA)
Galaxy 19 Transponder 23, Frequency 12115
Symbol Rate 22.425, PID 2595
AVR 1 - LEFT Side Audio

12/6/11 5:26 PM
Phone Bridge: 218-862-7200
Entry Code: 361113
Backup: 704-772-7627
Entry Code: 10032

Listen to Melody Cedarstrom with her very special guest Rollye James.

Listen Now This is a 2-1/2 hour show originally broadcast on December 12, 2011.

KCAA Radio
Robert Chapman Memorial Graphic

Movie of the Week

Newscaster stands near monitor that displays 'CNNMoney.com' - 'Play' arrow is superimposed over photo.

The Case for $6000 Gold

Listen to Financial Survival, one of the longest running gold and silver financial programs on short-wave radio with your host Melody Cedarstrom and regular guest - world renowned economist Robert Chapman. - View Air Times
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